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How to Play Games 8 Ball Pool

How to Play Game 8 Ball Pool. Facebook is one of the social media that is commonplace among people either adults or children, in addition to be used as introductions facebook is also complete with the game world, many online games that enliven the world of internet especially games facebook applications make this source of income for those who experts in the manufacture of gaming applications, such as online game 8 ball pool work this Miniclip.com.

Game 8 Ball Pool is a billiard game online that most users are facebook user. This game can be played with 2 players online. For the lovers of arcade game, especially the 8 ball pool may already be familiar. But for those not used may be least trouble especially in how to play this game 8 ball pool.

How to Play Game 8 Ball Pool Facebook

First, the game can let you operate with your friends or your friends facebook applied online in 8 ball pool. 

Second, make sure your friend is already waiting in room 8 ball pool.

Thirdly, tap or click the icon Play Friend then write the name of your friend who would you invite to play

Fourth, click the photo icon your friend who will be invited to play and wait until you receive ajaknmu friends to play together.

Understanding the numbers is on the ball in a game of 8 ball pool game

The total number of 15 balls which is a number 1 to number 15 for all the balls are divided into three parts, namely:

1. Solid ball ball numbers 1 through 7

2. Stripes Ball numbers 9 through 15

3. 8 (eight) ball is the ball number 8

Tips to play 8 Ball Pool Facebook

For beginners who like to play 8 ball pool in facebook, no name calling pocket is clicking hole where the ball will be included. that is useful to move the stick if you are not me-calling automatic pocket sticks you can not move an inch, as a result you will lose in this game because they can not do anything.

Similarly, a brief article about the game 8 ball pool in facebook may be useful.

Message: The game play is exciting, but be careful not to forget the time yes, because it can hurt you all.

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Game 8 ball pool is identical with a stick, for playing games on a facebook application then you can not visit the pool shop. Pool shop is specialized applications to get the billiard stick assortment of shades and types so the game more interesting. But do not worry because you can visit the site miniclip.com then login with facebook account to get a stick, but on condition that you have to have a sufficient number of points that can be exchanged with a stick to a more cool as you wish.

Point you can get and collect the lot, by following the various events of the game, such as tournaments and won the game 8 ball pool hack online.

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